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This month’s speaker comes to us all the way from Woodstock…Georgia, that is. Unless you’re a Southern Baptist, you may not recognize the name Johnny Hunt, but he is the former President of the Southern Baptist Convention. He’s the current pastor of the First Baptist Church in Woodstock, and author of several Christian books. So bring a friend and come hear Pastor Hunt as he shares with us from his heart. As always, the Old School Men’s Meeting is the third Thursday of every month at the Stanley Community Center south of Andalusia on Rt. 55. Every man and boy who comes gets a free steak dinner. We start serving at 7:00 p.m. “See you at the Old School!”



We finished up Boot camp the last weekend of April, and Fred Luter, Pastor and founder of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana was our guest speaker for the Old School Men’s Meeting this month. Under his leadership, the church grew from nothing to a size of over 7,000 members! Hearing him speak, it was easy to see how the church was able to attract so many. His message was clear, powerful, and full of energy. If you missed it, you can catch the full replay on our Facebook page.



This month at the Old School we welcome a modern day Indiana Jones. Kevin Devries had climbed 5 of worlds 7 highest summits, skied to the North Pole, kayaked all the Great Lakes, and competed in the Boston Marathon. With that experience, he was chosen to be a part of an expedition to Mt. Ararat to search for Noah’s Ark. The team did not find the Ark but instead found something much more valuable. Kevin’s future plan is to climb Everest and Mt. Vinson. So, grab a friend and meet us down at the Old School for a FREE STEAK and hear from Kevin!



It is going to be big this month at Old School. How big? Well, how about a Pro Football Hall of Famer? How about the best lineman that Bear Bryant ever coached according to the Bear himself? This month we want to welcome John Hannah to the Old School. John played football for Bear Bryant back in the 70s. He then went on to play for New England (wonder what he thought about the Super Bowl). We’re excited to have John Hannah at the Old School, but not as excited as we are for all of you to come and bring a friend.

As always the steaks will be HOT and FREE! Dinner starts at 7:00 p.m. at the Stanley Community Center south of Andalusia on Hwy. 55.
See you there!!