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“They really lived!” …was the last line in one of my favorite movies, Secondhand Lions. Is that what we all want our of life? To live to the full? Do you feel like you are experiencing an abundant life now?

Our speaker at Old School this month is Michael Thompson. Michael is the founder and president of Zoweh. Zoweh is the Greek word for life. Whether it is playing basketball in college, pheasant hunting in the mid-west, or traipsing through the Carolinas, Michael’s goal is to help men find the abundant life and to really live.

So grab a friend and come join us at the Olds School for a FREE STEAK dinner. The steaks will be hot and ready for another great night at the Old School. See you there!!  Don’t forget, we start everything off with a word of prayer at 7:00 pm, so you may want to get there a few minutes early.

Recent Events:


August 18:  Old School Men’s Meeting w/Hank Erwin

This month we had Hank Erwin of Woodlawn legend come and join us for a free steak dinner (we begin at 7:00pm the third Thursday of every month), and we counted 281 men who came and joined to hear Hank give his powerful testimony of the events that transpired at Woodlawn high school between 1973 and ’74.  He shared with us what he shared with them:  the steps necessary to achieve godly success, the steps that propelled Woodlawn to do amazing things, even miraculous things.  And if Christians will follow the principles he laid out, we too can achieve amazing things through the power of Christ in us.  Our good friend Frank Schaffer does a live feed on Periscope, and the video is included in this month’s post.  If you missed it, go check it out here.


August 5-6:  Men’s Conference

This year’s conference was nothing short of amazing.  God really showed up in a big way this year with our speakers, Scott Dawson and Rick Burgess.  Stay tuned for the full account.  We will be providing a lengthy post on the events shortly, and we are hoping to provide audio of each session for those who missed it, or for those who want to listen to it again.


In July at the Old School Men’s Meeting we were pleased to have Dave Maddox come and speak to us.  Dave is a practical guy who loves the Lord and has raised three children who love Jesus as well.  He’s also a plane crash survivor, but his is not a story of “near-death conversion”.  His faith was, however,  strengthened through the ordeal.  He talked about how the plane crash changed his life, and how he raised five kids who all love the Lord.  He also had copies of his book that he talks about in the video below.  It’s a good book, and I would encourage anyone trying to instill Christian values in their children to give it a read.  You can get it directly from his website here.  And if you missed the meeting, you can read about it by clicking the link to our Old School page at the top, or just click here.




On June 16, Danny Singleton spoke to us again. Danny is no stranger to our area and has been one of our most popular speakers at Old School. This month he passionately spoke to us about “3-D Passion”.  We had good food, several first-time attendees, and a good message on how to be a passionate Christian.  Head on over and read the full post on our Old School page.