News & Updates


This month’s Old School Men’s Meeting will take place on Thursday the 20th. I guess all outdoorsmen dream of having their own outdoors show. Well, we Iron Works folks do! Our guest at the Old School this month has done just that….started his own outdoors show. Jay Wolf is an avid outdoorsman and even had the honor of swearing in our new governor a couple of weeks ago. So grab a friend and come enjoy a FREE STEAK dinner at the Old School! Dinner starts at 7:00 pm. For any that need directions, here’s a link to Google Maps.

The last weekend in April will see several men once again headed to Boot Camp (27-30). Boot Camp offers a spiritual retreat from the world so men can get alone with God and learn from other men how to build that close relationship with our heavenly Father.  See our Facebook event page for more details. For ticket information, please email us: [email protected]


This month at the Old School we were pleased to have Josh Harris of Falcons fame come and speak to us. Josh Harris is a long snapper, and has been for most of his entire football career, going back to his earliest days in peewee football. Josh talked to us about football, about winning and losing, and about God’s place in his life while we listened and ate a wonderful steak dinner. If you missed it, don’t worry. Every month we get together at the Old Stanely Schoolhouse to eat, fellowship, and listen to men give their testimony of what God has done in their lives. The free steak dinner starts at 7:00 pm sharp.

Several times a year, Iron Works schedules events where fathers can bond with their children in more meaningful ways. One such event was the Father & Son fishing trip down the Suwannee River which took place during Spring Break. You can read all the details on our Epic Journeys page or just click here to go right to the blog post.


On Feb. 16, we were pleased to have Patrick Morley come and speak to us. Patrick started a men’s Bible study for some businessmen in Orlando way back in 1986 that is still going today. He also has a daily radio program that started in 1991 called, “Man in the Mirror”, which is the same title as one of his books (he’s written 20 in total). His life’s goal is to help men reach their potential as a disciple of Christ, and for them to make other disciples.  To that end, in addition to his books, he has a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account so people can easily keep up with him. Here is a man who is busy about the Lord’s work, and wants to teach us how to do the same!


In January we were pleased to have American author, speaker, and evangelist Mark Cahill come and speak to us. Mark played basketball at Auburn University from 1981 to 1984 alongside basketball legend Charles Barkley. While there, he got to be on  the Academic All-SEC team during his final two years. Several years after graduating college, he came to know Jesus as his personal Saviour, and has since devoted his life to evangelism and teaching others how to share their own faith to reach people for Christ. Mark spent the evening sharing with us some of his personal soul-winning stories and inspired us to do more to reach others for Christ. Read all about it here.