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Someone once said that football is like a religion in the south. Someone else responded, “No, it’s much more important than that!”

Our guest at the Old School this month knows all about the importance of football in the south. For 17 years, Adrian Despres was the chaplain for the South Carolina GameCocks. I’m sure he’ll have some stories to tell!!

Put on your favorite jersey, grab a friend and come meet Adrian. Oh and enjoy a FREE steak as always!


At the Old School this month we had PSE pro-staffer David Hinkle come and speak to us about hunting, and how God uses David’s ability for His glory.

In August, we had Nate Larkin come and talk to us about the dangers of porn. He is a recovering porn addict, and gave us his life story including how it started, and the men God put in his life to get him out of it. You can read his story here.



We’ve uploaded the fifth hour of the conference, so you can listen to Sid Bream talk about hunting with integrity, and instilling good qualities in your children. He had a lot to say and admitted that he is the man he is because of his dad. Read the post here, or listen below:


The final closing session of the conference with John Ed Mathison was just as exceptional and filled with needful material as the rest of the conference. He took about 30 minutes to talk to us about discipleship and how to get some big prayers answered. Listen below or read the post:

At the Old School this month on Sept. 21, Jimmy Sites came and spoke to us. Jimmy is a professional hunter, and uses hunting to spread the gospel among those in the hunting community. He has been on tv. and radio, and even has produced a cartoon for children! Check out his website for all the info on Jimmy Sites.


August has been an incredible month! We had the Men’s Conference, and then later we had Nate Larkin come and talk to our men at the Old School about the need for sexual purity. We are in the process of editing the audio and writing posts about those events (plus a special bonus with the founder of Awaken ministry, Greg Oliver). So “stay tuned” for more to come. Meanwhile, head on over to our “Men’s Conferences” page to check out write-ups from the Friday night line-up.

Here’s John Ed Mathison talking about salvation:


And here’s Crawford Loritts talking about marriage, first love, and our relationship with God:


Sid Bream talks about giving our all for Christ:


Saturday morning, Crawford started off talking about manly Christian courage:


Derrick Moore came and spoke to our men at the Old School in June, and anyone who heard him can instantly understand what makes him such a powerful motivational speaker. He speaks with eloquence, energy, and passion. He is excited about the things of God, and one can’t help but catch that same excitement when listening to him speak! For a full recap, head on over to the Old School page, or just click here.  If you’d like to hear or download the audio, you can do that here.


On June 2, Iron Works was pleased to take part in Jeremiah Castille’s Character Camp hosted by the Covington County Children’s Policy Council. We were asked to serve the afternoon meal to the 160 or so boys who attended the camp. Several Iron Workers went, with the “Meat Wagon”… our Cookie’ and Grillin’ trailer, and fed all those hungry boys! At Iron Works we believe that molding and shaping the character of these boys is precisely within the scope of our mission… so we were quick to accept when asked to help!


Ever had a bad day? Ever wanted to give up? This month at the Old School Clay Dyer’s message to you will be “If I can, you can!”

You see Clay is an accomplished professional bass fisherman. He says from a very young age he knew he wanted to be a professional athlete. But he had a few issues to overcome. He was born with no legs, no left arm and no right hand!

Clay’s story is unbelievable and inspirational! We are excited to bring Clay to the Old School to share his story.
So grab all your fishing buddies and meet us down at the Old School. The steaks will be hot and free. As always no reservations are required! Dinner starts at 7:00 pm. For any that need directions, here’s a link to Google Maps.

Update: Listening to Clay Dyer talk Thursday night was nothing short of inspirational. Even from a young age, he did not allow his “handicap” to slow him down. He recalled a story of asking his dad for an expensive fishing rod at age 13. After his dad had refused multiple pleas to buy the rod, Clay thought he would give it one last shot. After giving his dad time to cool off, he dove in for one last effort.



“Just think of all the money I’ve saved you from not having to buy me new shoes for thirteen years. Isn’t that worth a new rod?”


You can get the full recap of the meeting or link for the audio here:


At the Old School this month, Jay Wolf shared the story of his son and daughter-in-law. She suffered a stroke that nearly killed her. But where many men would have crumpled under the pressure, his son showed enormous resolve, and helped his wife back to health.  If you missed it, you missed a powerful story of God’s love, mercy, and patience, as well as miraculous healing.

The last weekend in April several men once again headed to Boot Camp (27-30). Boot Camp offers a spiritual retreat from the world so men can get alone with God and learn from other men how to build that close relationship with our heavenly Father.  The first installment of blogs on the event is available here.