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Sept. 11, 2001, a day that will live in our hearts forever. Just mentioning that date brings back all the memories of those terrible events. This month, we get to hear from a man who, were it not for God’s intervention, would not be with us today. He was scheduled to fly the first plane that flew into the World Trade Center. So come out this month and hear his story! Bring a friend or three, and enjoy some free steaks “on the house”. As always, dinner starts at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursday. We meet at the Stanley Community Center south of Andalusia on Rt. 55.


Are you ready for an adventure?

This month at the Old School we are excited to welcome the Indiana Jones of Christendom! Joel has traveled the world. He has smuggled Bibles into dangerous lands and now regularly leads men on High Adventure trips around the world to discover new lands and to discover more about themselves. Who knows…he might talk you into going next!

So, come and join us at the Old School where as always the steaks will be HOT and FREE. Maybe this month the weather will be a little cooler, so come early and play corn hole and hang out!

Hope to see you there!!



Calling all football fans! College football is back! We are fortunate to live in an area with some of the best football rivalries in the nation!

So, join us this month at the Old School with our special guest Brodie Croyle. Brodie played football at Alabama and later for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has now followed in his father’s footsteps running the Big Oak Ranch.

So grab one of your football buddies and let’s talk football and Jesus! As always the steaks will be hot and FREE. Come a little early and throw down on some Corn Hole!

See you there!!



Men, this month at the Old School we are welcoming Jeff Kisiah. Now, most of the time, our speakers have a message for us. However, this month we have a way to help Jeff. You see Jeff is a Clemson fan. I know…I know, but we are instructed to help our brothers caught in sin with gentleness. HaHa!

Of course, this is all in great fun! So come out to the Old School this month and welcome Jeff Kisiah (aka Coach K). As always the steaks will be FREE and HOT.  Grab a friend, grab your son, or grab your friend’s son and meet us at the Old School!! Who knows, maybe this month we’ll miss the rain and actually have a heated game of Corn Hole before we start!