Five Principles of Discipleship

John Ed Mathison spent the closing moments of the conference talking about discipleship. As this was the final session, he asked what difference the conference had made. “If it’s not going to result in a change in your life, your family, and your church, then this conference has sort of been in vain,” he said. His topic for the final hour of the conference was, “How can I be a Continue reading »

Learning Integrity in Hunting With Sid Bream

When Sid Bream came back for the fifth hour of the conference on Saturday morning, he started off talking about personal integrity in hunting. As a young boy, he would wait eagerly for his dad to get back with fresh kills so he could help clean the meat. Then as he grew older and was allowed to go hunting, he gained a lot of insight, experience, and practical training about Continue reading »

Crawford Loritts Talks About Courage

Crawford Loritts with pastor Mark Perry

Men’s Conference, 2017, Hour 4 – Saturday Morning Crawford started off Saturday morning talking about what it means to be a truly godly, male role model. His first statement of importance was, “Nothing worthwhile happens apart from courage.” The greatest intentions, the greatest ideas, the greatest plans and promises don’t mean anything unless they are put into action. He talked about the feminization of men in America, echoing statements that Continue reading »

Second Hour with Crawford Loritts – Men’s Conference 2017

In the second hour of the conference Friday night, Pastor Crawford Loritts talked about marriage, and compared marriage to our Christian walk with God. He took his text from Revelation chapter 2:1-5. He spent some time talking about God’s commendation over the church of Ephesus because they were doing the right things. They had all the right behaviors and all the right beliefs. But… They had left their first love. Continue reading »

John Ed Mathison on Salvation

Men’s Conference, 2017 Day 1: Friday night Matt Papa started things off with his “Story of God”. If you’ve never seen it, you should. He does a great job presenting the main theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in short story form (it’s only about ten minutes). Here’s God, existing in three persons in ultimate perfection. But being the giving, loving God that He is, He wanted to Continue reading »