John Hanna on Self-Esteem

John Hanna started off the night talking about how, as a kid, he had self-esteem issues. His fellow classmates picked on him because he was overweight. In response, his dad encouraged him to try out for the school football team. His thinking was that football players don’t get picked on as much for their weight. John made the team, but he also learned that success was the answer, and that Continue reading »

Four Groups of People – Adrian Despres

I’ve never actually seen crazy before, but Adrian Despres comes pretty close. When he bounded up to the platform, he stood behind a table with four metal folding chairs on top of it. “Everybody is in one of these four chairs,” he nearly shouted. Then he had us count the chairs as he pointed to each of them, assigning each a number: “One. Two. Three. Four.” Quicker and louder, we Continue reading »

Recovering Addict Talks About Pornography

In August, Nate Larkin came to the Old School to speak to our men about the dangers of porn addiction. Having struggled for over 20 years and spending over $300,000 on his addiction, he was able to speak authoritatively on the subject. The son of a pastor, he was influenced early to follow Christ and know the Bible. He learned that a true Christian strives to never do anything that Continue reading »

Take the Deal!

Derrick Moore started off admitting that he had no new message for us, but the old message, the old story of the Gospel. He had an excitement and an enthusiasm that had us waiting on his every word. “Jesus is so deep,” he said, ” that top theologians can’t touch the bottom, yet so shallow that new babes can swim in it.” And we are ill-equipped to communicate the richness and Continue reading »

Sometimes Big Things DO Come in Small Packages

Clay Dyer came and spoke to us at the Old School the third Thursday in May 2017. Clay is a professional bass fisherman. He’s been catching fish since he was six years old. But here’s the thing: Clay has no legs and only one stumpy arm that ends before the elbow. Clay is not the kind of guy to take no for an answer. He never uses his disability as Continue reading »

Mark Cahill Energizes Old School Meeting

Mark Cahill

Mark Cahill is an Auburn alumni who played basketball alongside legendary Charles Barkley, but don’t ask him to sign his books with “War Eagle”, because that’s not important to him. His philosophy is, “If it’s not important the second before you die, it’s not important.” So he decided a long time ago to live his life as if every second was his last with an eye toward the future. He Continue reading »

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

On Thursday, Nov. 17, we were pleased to have Reese Bricken from “Adventures of the Heart” come and speak to us. As we came in and sat down at the tables, there were piles of pens and half sheets of plain paper awaiting us. We were greeted with some good hymns and nostalgic worship songs sung to harmonica and guitar, and a teenager banging on a sort of drum box while Continue reading »

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran at the Old School

On the third Thursday in October, Kelvin Cochran came to visit us at the Old School Men’s Meeting to discuss his book which lead to him being fired from the office of Fire Chief for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. In his book, Who Told You That You Were Naked?, he discusses the topic of procreation. God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and gave them the power Continue reading »

Michael Thompson Talks About Zoweh

In September we had Michael Thompson of Zoweh Ministries in North Carolina come and speak to a group of over 200 men. Zoweh does seminars about having the heart of a warrior, and Michael hit several points from that seminar as he spoke to us that night. He started off talking about sports, and how the younger players play a simple game on simple terms, but as they get older, Continue reading »

Woodlawn’s Hank Erwin at the Old School

We counted 281 men on the third Thursday in August who came out to join us and listen to “Woodlawn” legend Hank Erwin share his testimony. He spent a few minutes talking about the movie, which was produced by his sons, and proudly announced that CinemaScope, a rating service which has graded over a million movies in 35 years, has only given 60 movies an A+ rating, but they gave this Christian Continue reading »